Ayurvedic Treatment – World’s Oldest Medical System

Ayurvedic Treatment is one of the world’s old treatment processes which use herbs and ingredients from nature to cure illness. From ancient time man has reaped the benefits of this unique treatment process from India and it still continues to be a popular treatment system curing ailments of all sorts. Ayurvedic Treatment is India’s traditional healing system; it has been practiced for over 5000 years. Ayurveda Hospitals and Ayurvedic resorts provide ayurvedic treatment in India, these centers are popular tourist destinations, people make a beeline to these treatment centers hearing the health benefits of ayurvedic treatment. Apart from treatment, they also come here to get rejuvenation and relaxation therapies.

Ayurvedic Method of Treatment

Ayurvedic medicines are highly beneficial for metabolic, stress-related, beauty treatments, rejuvenations and relieve effects from chemotherapy. It acts on the body’s life energy known as doshas and the treatment aims at balancing the doshas. To balance different type of doshas ayurveda uses different type of procedures like massage, pouring herbal liquid and oil into the body, smearing the body with herbal leaves and powders and taking ayurvedic rasayanas and herbal preparations internally. An exact treatment process is decided only after the consultation of the patient with an ayurveda specialist. After the diagnosis, the doctor decides the span of treatment and the method of treatment and medicines. In general, a couple of weeks are necessary for getting a full course of treatment, but in some cases it may go further depending upon the seriousness of the illness.

Best Place for Ayurveda Treatment

The state of Kerala is the popular destination of ayurveda in India. Kerala has good ayurveda doctors as well as families who have vast and authoritative knowledge of this system and who were practicing ayurveda for many generations. Apart from that Kerala is blessed with a good climatic condition and there is no shortage of medicinal plants and herbs which is essential for the treatment. Ayurvedic Treatments are available at ayurvedic hospitals, wellness centers, ayurvedic resorts and of course at five star hotels where they have a separate wing on Ayurveda.

Best time to undergo Ayurvedic Treatment

The right time to undergo treatment is during the rainy season that is from June to September. During this period the atmosphere is cool, moist and dust free. It is the time when the body pores are open and the oils and medicines are able to penetrate into the body easily.

Purchase Skin Care Product Online from Helloremedie

On the off chance that if you suffer the skin care problem – too oily, too dry, unbeatable acne, or other complaints – you’ve most likely invested what’s coming to you of energy in the skin care passageways of your general store or drugstore. Be that as it may, what do you do when you’ve truly taken a stab at everything accessible in-store, and still haven’t gotten the outcomes you require? You take your inquiry on the web.

There are a lot of common, natural and herbal skin care brands out there that haven’t hit store racks. Presently the issue is how would you purchase healthy skin items online and guarantee you get the right stuff? Above all else, ensure you realize what you’re searching for – a dermatologist can help you with that, on the off chance that you don’t definitely comprehend what you require. At that point, take after these progressions to effectively looking for healthy skin items on the web.

• Look for a list of ingrediants. Since you definitely recognize what your body needs, you ought to have a smart thought of what you’re searching for in your hostile to maturing skin care products or dry skin cures. Look at the item’s rundown of fixings, in the event that it is accessible. Search for items that don’t contain petroleum, sulphates, parabens, and liquor, as these are chemicals that can be cruel and aggravating to skin. Something else, get suggestions from your dermatologist with respect to what you require (salicylic corrosive for grown-up skin break out? Retinoids in a hostile to wrinkle cream?).

• Look for surveys. Individuals adoration to share item proposals on the web, whether it be through blog entries, online networking or the items’ own particular site. Do a fast pursuit on the common skin cream you’re thinking about, and see what other individuals need to say in regards to it. This can give you an entirely decent sign in the matter of regardless of whether the item – and the organization itself – is justified regardless of your time and cash.

• Ask your friends for suggestions. Do you know other people who shop online for natural skin items? Ask them what they utilize, and on the off chance that they would prescribe the item or line. What do they like and aversion about what they utilize? Have they attempted other accessible items online?

• Ask for an item test. This may not work for all brands. Some organizations are more than willing to share test estimated lotions and skin creams in the trusts that you’ll attempt their image and adore it, yet others may not give test sizes – there are a lot of reasons why they wouldn’t. It never damages to ask, however, particularly since sending an email takes seconds.

• Buy the littlest size conceivable. On the off chance that you can’t get an example measure and would prefer not to purchase a colossal compartment of the item without attempting it to start with, pick the littlest size accessible and go for that. Some organizations may offer cash back assurances or profits for unopened items, yet make certain to check every individual site, as this will change from business to business.

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New Prostate Cancer Treatments Today: Zytiga And The Yunzi Mushroom?

This week two developments in prostate cancer have been unveiled. First, Zytiga (abiraterone acetate), an ingested pill treatment, has been found to potentially extend life by up to four months in men with spreading cancer who have already been treated with chemotherapy. Second, compound found in “turkey-tail,” or Yunzi mushrooms, called polysaccharopeptide (PSP), is 100% effective for protecting against prostate tumor growth in laboratory rodents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed form of cancer among men in the U.S., following skin cancer. More than 220,000 men develop the condition each year, the organization notes.

Okay, so let’s start with the manufactured remedy that can allow prostate cancer victims live longer.

The new drug Zytiga, which was approved by the FDA in April, inhibits a protein that helps form male hormones. The findings may help reshape the way doctors view and treat advanced prostate cancer. Men who took the pill also saw greater responses in levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) than men who received placebo. Elevated levels of PSA may be a marker for prostate cancer.

Those men who received steroid therapy along with the new pill survived for 14.8 months, on average, compared with 10.9 months seen among those who received a placebo along with steroids. This translated into a 34% reduction in risk of dying, the study shows.

Now for the Yunzi (Coriolus versicolor) mushroom. Recent studies have indicated that there may be some scientific proof behind several natural medical treatments that have been used for hundreds of years in Asian cultures.

Lead researcher Patrick Ling comments:

“In the past, other inhibitors tested in research trials have been shown to be up to 70% effective, but we’re seeing 100% of this tumor prevented from developing with PSP.”

As stated, 100% of the mice that fed with water only developed prostate tumors at the end of experiment, no tumors could be found in any of the mice fed with PSP, suggesting that PSP treatment can completely inhibit prostate tumor formation. Our results not only demonstrated the intriguing anti-CSC effect of PSP, but also revealed, for the first time, the surprising chemopreventive property of oral PSP consumption against prostate cancer.

Coriolus versicolor is a mushroom of the Basidiomycetes class. It was used initially in Traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic, but recent studies suggest that it has immunostimulant and anti-tumor properties. Polysaccharide-K (PSK), known in the United States as PSP, a proprietary product derived from Coriolus, was developed for cancer treatment in Japan. When used as an adjuvant, PSK appears to improve survival rates in patients with gastric and colorectal cancers.

One clinical study demonstrated that when used in conjunction with chemotherapy, PSP may benefit patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Other clinical studies using Coriolus extract alone or in combination with other botanicals also suggest positive immunomodulatory effects. However, studies on breast cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, and leukemia produced mixed results. A hot water extract of Coriolus, VPS, was found to enhance development of large intestinal tumors in mice. Coriolus extracts are generally well tolerated but minor adverse effects have been reported.

Online Therapy – Coming Of Age. A Review Of The Early Years

The Beginnings

The first web-based mental health advice site went live in 1986 – the “Ask Uncle Ezra” website offered an advice site for students at Cornell University (US) and is still operating today.

In 1995 John Grohol, Psy.D. began offering free mental health advice in a popular weekly public chat, and late same year fee-based mental health services offered to the public began to appear on the Internet.

David Sommers, Ph.D. can be considered the primary pioneer of “e-therapy.” He was the first to establish a fee-based Internet service. From 1995 through 1998, Sommers worked with over 300 persons in his online practice, spanning the globe from the Arctic Circle to Kuwait.

Metanoia & ISMHO

Between the years of 1995-2004 Martha Ainsworth developed Metanoia.org, a mental health consumer advocacy, credentialing check and education website. Subsequently she joined forces with John Grohol, Psy.D, at that time the director of Mental Health Net, and who proposed that they work together to offer a more extensive credential checking service.

In 1997, the formation of the International Society for Mental Health Online took place to promote the understanding, use and development of online communication, information and technology for the international mental health community.

Prevalence in Europe

For all its promise, though, Web therapy remained for years only a tiny niche market in Europe. A combination of ethical and cultural factors, along with social policies favoring more conventional forms of mental health treatment, has kept the growth of e-therapy in check.

For example, Europeans are statistically less inclined than their transatlantic peers to seek psychiatric help, there are more regulatory restrictions in Europe, and medical care is often free and readily available in many European countries.

As a result, where European online counseling sites started to exist at the end of 1990s, they were mainly in the form of informational portals, often oriented towards teenagers, on topics such as abortion or drug addiction.

In a Metanoia survey in May of 1999, out of 619 total responses, 452 respondents (73%) had tried e-therapy. Of those, 416 (92%) said that it had helped them, and 307 (68%) said that they had never been in therapy before contacting a therapist via the Internet.

Quick adoptation in Australia

Internet therapy became quickly more common in Australia because so many people live in isolated communities where there are few, if any, counselors.

However, research done in 2002 revealed only 20 online fee-for-service therapy sites. Of these, NSW had the largest number with 7, Victoria had 4, 2 in Qld, one each in Tasmania, ACT, and S.A. The other Australian hosted other sites had no location identification. Most sites offers email exchanges (85%) with 8 services also offering chat either solely (15%) or in addition (25%), and one offering video-based counseling.

Future Perspectives

In 1995 in the United States, Metanoia found twelve e-therapists practicing on the Internet. Their database, as of 2001, had grown to include over 300 private-practice Web sites where e-therapists offer services and “e-clinics” which represent, collectively, more than 500 more e-therapists.

John Grohol, past president of the International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO), and a prominent academic and therapist, told the online journal New Therapist in 2000 that he expects the number of on-line therapy providers to grow from the then current 300 worldwide to over 5,000 by 2005.

Clinical Trials & Clinical Research-Protecting your Health

Clinical Trials:
Clinical trials are conducted to collect information about the safety of new drugs.Participation in clinical trials&clinical research requires new technologies and acquisition of new skills for the systematic applications and outcome improvements throughout a health system.There are several phases of approval in the clinical trials process before selling the drug in the consumer market.

Phases of Clinical Trials:

• Phase I Clinical trials: This is the first-time test of medicines on human patients.Though the drug or treatment has not until now been tried out on people,researchers have reason to think it will be good.At this point,researchers do not know the drug’s effectiveness or side effects that comes out of it.A suggested starting dosage for humans is found through lab experiments.

• Phase II clinical trials: The treatment is given to a larger group of people to find out if it is in force and to further test its safety.Phase II clinical trials begin once a suitable dose of the drug is defined through Phase I tests.At this level of testing,researchers will find the drug’s effectiveness and it receives active treatment.

• Phase III clinical trials: The experiment study drug is given to huge number of people.Researchers confirm its effectiveness,monitor side effects,compare it to commonly used treatments,and accumulate data that will let the treatment to use safely.

• Phase IV clinical trials: It is conduct to further test the long-term safety and effectiveness of a treatment.Phase IV clinical trials normally take place after the treatment has been accepted for standard usage.Various people may take part in a phase IV study.

Clinical Research

Clinical research is the way of learning to prevent, diagnose and treat illness.The conduct of Clinical Trials & Clinical Research often requires physical infrastructure such as space and specialized equipment to help research-associated actions.There are several different types of clinical research,they are:

• Treatment: Treatment research involves an intervention such as medicine, psychotherapy and new approaches to radiation therapy.

• Prevention: Prevention research performed to prevent disorders from developing. There are different kinds of prevention research that involve medicines, vitamins, minerals and life style changes.

• Diagnostic: This brings up to the practice of looking for more proficient ways to distinguish a particular disorder.

• Screening: Screening research aims to decide the best ways to detect certain disorders or health conditions

• Quality of life: This research explores ways to improve comfort and quality of life for persons with a chronic illness

• Genetic studies: Genetic studies aim to improve prediction of disorders by identifying the genes and illness. Research in this area may explore ways in which a person’s gene is likely to grow.

Clinical research describes many elements of scientific investigation and help to translate basic research into treatments and information to help patients. It is necessary to support clinical trials & clinical research at all levels and requires to prove the healthcare system to have better outcomes.

Wobenzym N 800 Tablets for Cancer Treatment & Many Health Benefits

After many years of research Doctors Max Wolf and Helen Benitez found a natural wholesome choice for cancer treatment that would be mild and less distressing on the body’s system than having radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Wobenzym N was developed to aid cancer patients to follow a better life and to treat differing types of cancer. Although Wobenzym N is a cancer treatment it is not a cure but has helped make life easier for those suffering from sickness.

When coping with this disease the human body makes proteins that can be unsafe and further increase bad health. Yet one of the most useful classes of enzymes are called proteolytic enzyme that have the ability to break down proteins into small amino acid chains. Doctors Wolf and Benitez put forward that proteolytic enzymes could help finish dangerous proteins that were being created, improving the person’s health in general along with fighting the disease off. Both Dr Wolf and Benitez were hopeful in finding a successful natural cure for cancer but would not have known about the many health benefits that would have been discovered in the course of their study on enzymes.

After evaluating a large amount of enzyme developed from animal and plant sources they researched different enzyme interactions. A mixture of systemic enzymes coordinated to create a mixture of health applications is what established Wobenzym.The Wobenzym enzyme blend contains clinically studied enzymes: bromelain, pancreatin, trypsin, papain and chymotrypsin. Each one is a protease, which purely means they can break down proteins.

Wobenzym N 800 is a natural anti-inflammatory drug with many additional health benefits. With further Wobenzym effects being established the range of health problems that can benefit from Wobenzym carries on growing. Wobenzym N works to:

– Enhances well being feelings as a result of its antioxidant effects
– Treat rheumatic and autoimmune illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and osteo.
– Treats body aching such as joint and muscle pain
– function as an anti-inflammatory drug for allergies and also ease the symptoms for the sufferer
– Treats viral injection treatments such as Hepatitis C, herpes and cancer
– Lower the occurrence of heart attack and strokes as it has the ability to reduce cholesterol, anti-spasmodic, anti-thrombotic and anti-arrhythmic
– Aids to resolve the vast molecular aging features
– Protect you against environmental toxins that exist in food water and air
– Lower the rate of blood clotting that is brought on by unexpected breakdown of plaque

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment’s healing power and its wide range

Acupuncture and Moxibustion is a medical treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years in China and other Asian countries as well as now around the world. It is used as a means of treating and preventing disease. Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) along the body’s meridians to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of energy (Qi) through the individual. The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for health. Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease. Acupuncture corrects imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin.Today, acupuncture is an effective, natural and increasingly popular form of health care that is used by people whole over the world.

The modern scientific explanation about the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatment is that needling the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain, including endorphins, enkephalins and other neurotransmitters. Either these chemicals will change the experience of pain, or they will trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones that influence the body’s own internal regulating system, bringing about a normalizing effect on neuroendocrine function. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, and in promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Acupuncture needles are so fine that there is no discomfort when they are inserted but a slight tingle (known as needle sensation) may be experienced. The needles are usually left in for approximately twenty minutes to more. The Doctor may also stimulate the acupuncture points using other methods, such as moxibustion (a traditional technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb used to facilitate healing), cupping and electro-stimulation etc. in order to re-establish the flow of qi.

Why we consider Acupuncture Therapy for our treatment ? Because:

01. It is very effective to treat some diseases, where other methods of treatment could not achieve good result or failed like Arthritis, Rheumatism or different types of pains, Autism (ASD), Depression, Anxiety / Psycho-somstic problems, Delayed speech, Sleep problems, Attention deficit disorder, Mental/Behavioral problems, IBS, Depression, Sleep problems, Hyperactivity, Epilepsy, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Headache, Bronchial Asthma, Angina pectoris (heart’s pain), Paralysis, Hair falling, Acne, Burger’s / Raynuad’s Disease, Chronic wounds, Hair falling, Cerebral palsy, Weak memory, Dyslexia (weakness in study), causeless sterility etc.

02. This therapy don’t require any medicine. So toxicity due to medicine will be avoided.

03. It is free from side effect.

04. It helps to increase immunity power of the body; therefore Acupuncture makes defensive mechanism of the body strong.

The effectiveness of acupuncture is well-documented. Throughout its long history, acupuncture has established a solid reputation as an excellent alternative for health care that actually works, and is very effective to treat some diseases, where other methods of treatment could not achieve good result or failed. The World Health Organization recognizes Acupuncture as a viable means of treatment for a wide range of conditions.

An Acupuncture doctor should possess adequate knowledge and experience for providing proper treatment to his/her patients. To avoid the unwanted complications in Acupuncture treatment please avoid taking treatment by quack / fake Acupuncturist. There are many around us without proper qualifications. Because inadequate knowledge and experience may lead to serious medical problems.

Though this method of treatment has already been started in our country but due to quite less number of medically qualified acupuncture doctors available in our country and lack of proper perception about the application of this method in some specific diseases, the patients are depriving from the advantages of Acupuncture & Moxibustion treatment. So, I have made an attempt to provide little information about the effects of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in few conditions. Many of the facts and figures quoted in the following sections are the clinical trials carried out in China and others countries and results from my own clinical experiences.

Diseases of the Muscles, Bones and Joints:

Sprains: Sudden injury or sprains usually respond well to acupuncture. The pain resulting from a sprained shoulder, ankle etc will often continue for some days or weeks after the initial injury. Once a clear diagnosis has been made acupuncture can usually be used to relieve this type of pain. The experience of a many of Acupuncture doctors including me, shows that, of the people treated for differing acutely painful conditions, about 70 percent obtain significant pain relief. The main advantage of treating these acute pains with acupuncture is that chronic pain can be avoided. A sudden shoulder injury may produce pain and immobility for many months, sometimes years, but if acupuncture is used when the pain occurs then it seems that chronic pain may be avoided. However, Acupuncture treatment also very helpful to manage chronic problems too.

Arthritis: Arthritis and the rheumatic pains are quite a common problem. People frequently complain that their arthritic knee pain is worse in cold or damp weather and this demonstrates quite clearly the origin of the concept of pathogens in traditional medicine.

A great deal of research work has been done to investigate the effects of acupuncture on the pain. Clinical trials have been completed on knee, hip, elbow, neck and lower back pain, and the information from these trials shows that significant pain relief can be achieved in about 70 per cent of those who receive acupuncture. Acupuncture also has a ‘magical quality’ that drugs do not have. In spite of these problems, acupuncture is a safe and effective form of treatment for arthritis.

Headaches: Acupuncture treatment has been used to treat a wide variety of headaches, particularly migrainous headaches, and the results obtained have been very encouraging. The published work suggests that between 65-95 per cent of all headache sufferers obtain significant and long lasting pain relief from acupuncture treatment. Migraines seem to respond as well as, if not better than, other types of headache. Acupuncture therapy for headaches may cause the headaches to vanish completely, or occur with a markedly decreased intensity and/or frequency. The pain relief resulting from acupuncture treatment can sometimes be maintained for some years and re-treatment is usually required less frequently for headaches.

Diseases of the Nervous System:

Strokes: The brain is divided into many different functional areas; one area controlling movements, while another dominates the sensations of touch, speech and pain. The functional impairment that occurs with a stroke depends on the area of the brain that is damaged; if the speech or movement area is damaged by a lack of blood supply then the patient may be unable to speak or move properly. The research work suggests that acupuncture increases the blood supply to the brain, and for some unexplained reason this seems to improve functional ability and acts as a stimulus to recovery after a stroke. Clinical reseach trials completed by the Chinese doctor’s state that some effect can be gained from acupuncture in about 80 per cent of strokes. Western medicine often has little to offer the stroke patients and therefore acupuncture therapy is always worth considering. Ideally strokes should be treated within six months of the damage occurring.The Chinese doctors also treat their patients for long periods and a stroke patient may receive one hundred or two hundred acupuncture treatment sessions before being declared a success or a failure.

The Neuralgias (Nerve Pain): Trigeminal neuralgia usually presents with severe unilateral facial pain. Its cause is unclear but the painful facial spasms are often precipitated by cold or wind. The Chinese acupuncturist claim to be able to gain improvement, with acupuncture, in about 70 per cent of cases of trigeminal neuralgia. Acupuncture can undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on this type of pain.

Postherpetic neuralgia is the pain that occurs after an attack of shingles.Shingles is a viral infection of the nerves, It seems that of those patients with established postherpetic neuralgia, about 40 per cent gain some degree of long term benefit from acupuncture treatment. There are a vast number of aches and pains that are often described as neuralgic. Many of these occur as facial pain and most of them cause severe discomfort. It is always worthwhile to attempt to alleviate these pains by using acupuncture treatment.

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Other Mental disorders: Acupuncture is clearly effective in helping symptoms such as insomnia and bed-wetting, anxiety, behavioral problems, depression etc. The Chinese doctors have completed trials on some of the more serious mental diseases, such as schizophrenia. In a trial involving over 400 patients they claim a 54 per cent cure rate for this disease, with a further 30 per cent showing ‘significant improvement’. However, from a variety of excellent research papers it is clear that acupuncture can influence quite radically many areas of the central nervous system, as well as neurotransmitters and others brain functions also. Therefore this therapy has a great role in brain related problems or neuro-developmental dysfunction.

Nerve Paralysis: Paralysis can also be treated by a variety of acupuncture techniques. The acupuncture must be continued for a long period. Sometimes daily for six months and the results from some of the research works are very encouraging. Researchers claim that some 50-60 per cent of patients are likely to gain significant return of function if treated with acupuncture.

Acupuncture and moxibustion can be used to treat Facial paralysis and the research claim a 75 per cent complete recovery rate The Chinese research also claim that a further 20 per cent gain benefit from acupuncture, although not complete recovery. Sometimes very old cases are also response with tremendous results, as I noticed.

Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, CP, nerve deafness etc: Acupuncture treatment is also very effective in Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Epilepsy, Nerve deafness, and a large variety of this kind of other problems. According to some studies, Parkinson’s disease may be accompanied by an imbalance of energy along one or more meridians. The muscle stiffness, soreness, imbalance etc. of Parkinson’s may be alleviated by a series of treatments. It is always wise to remember that acupuncture is a harmless technique and can sometimes give excellent results in above cases where other medical methods have failed.

Autism /ASD, Cerebral Palsy etc: Acupuncture along with herbal therapy have been found highly effective for treating children with brain dysfunction, resulting in improvement in the patient’s overall functional abilities. Excellent results are being achieved through simultaneous application of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in the cases of ASD / Autism and Cerebral Palsy in different countries of the world. There are several research papers, articles etc. that has been published all over the world about the efficacy of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines in this context. In my clinical practice I am also getting very effective result by applying integration of Acupuncture and Herbal treatment. I noticed that, formulated Herbal Medicine along with acupuncture session gives much result other than only Acupuncture treatment or only Herbal Medicine. Like other diseases, I treated several patients. Some of them improved tremendously just after few days of treatment.

ADD and ADHD: Acupuncture can help the patients to manage the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). It can be an excellent complementary therapy for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. In some cases Acupuncture works as a magic bullet for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. A research showed that, Acupuncture treatment has a good effect on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, its total effective rate was higher and the changes in abnormal electroencephalogram and the curative effect were better.

Diseases of the Digestive System:

IBS: An increasing number of studies have been conducted on treating IBS, with promising results. These studies have documented that Chinese medicine can effectively treat IBS in a safe and drug-free way. In some of cases, from the first session of treatment patients started to realize that Acupuncture works.

Indigestion: Exact figures for success rates are not available, but the ‘clinical impression’ that arises from a number of acupuncture doctors indicates that about 60 per cent of patients gain some long-term relief of their symptoms with acupuncture.

Diseases of the Respiratory System:

Asthma: Acupuncture causes the contracted muscular walls to dilate; the mechanism of this is unknown, but there is good Western research data to support this claim. A recent Chinese clinical trial on asthma showed that some 70 per cent of asthmatics gained a ‘very good effect’ from acupuncture and moxibustion. The acupuncture treatment was able to decrease the frequency and intensity of asthmatic attacks over a period of a year or more. This result is encouraging as it shows that acupuncture and moxibustion can affect the response of the body to the environmental stimuli causing asthmatic attacks. Our clinical experience also supports this efficacy of Acupuncture and Moxibustion medicine. I noticed that after completion of course of treatment some patients fell and live better without attack for a several years. It seems that they never have asthma.

Bronchitis: By opening up the breathing tubes Acupuncture, can allow the lung tissue to function efficiently. The mechanism of acupuncture in bronchitis is probably much the same as in asthma, allowing more air to enter the lungs. Recent research works has shown that about 50+ per cent of bronchitis ‘benefit’ from acupuncture. It is also very effective for the treatment of some ENT problems like Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Discharge from ear etc.

Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels:
Angina: Using sophisticated measuring equipment the Chinese researchers have completed a variety of trials to assess the effects of acupuncture on the heart, and they have shown a marked increase in the functional ability and efficiency of the heart muscles after acupuncture. Several experiments carried out in the western countries give clear support to the idea that acupuncture does have an effect on the circulatory system. This is further supported by clinical work, which shows that some 80 per cent of patients with angina have improved after acupuncture.

The Correction of Abnormal Heart Rhythms: Heart diseases can frequently cause an abnormal rhythm to the heart beat; this may manifest itself as palpitations, an irregular heart beat, or dropped beats. In recently acquired arrhythmias, acupuncture can be effective in up to 70 per cent of cases.

The Use of Acupuncture in Addiction and Obesity:
There is some excellent physiological and clinical evidence to support the use of acupuncture method to treat obesity, smoking and hard drug addiction. The withdrawal symptoms experienced by people giving up smoking, or drugs, can be alleviated by raising the levels of endorphins in the nervous system.

Some people believe that the desire to eat is also mediated by the endorphin level in the brain. It is clear that endorphin levels throughout the nervous system can be increased by Acupuncture. It must be stressed that acupuncture cannot replace willpower. It can only help the withdrawal symptoms, or hunger pains, experienced by those already motivated and committed to solving their particular problem.
Reduce the Discomforts and Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Cancer:

The effect of acupuncture on chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, insomnia etc. has been studied over the past 20 years, and clinical evidence gathered to date has been favorable. Current practice guidelines recommend acupuncture as a complementary therapy for insomnia, uncontrolled nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy.
Fertility and Gynecologic Problems: Women who are having problems with conception, premenstrual symptoms or menopausal issues will often see positive results with Acupuncture medicine. If drugs or hormones must be used, side effects may be reduced. For women who are experiencing disorders of conception, my own experience suggests that acupuncture along with herbal medicine is more effective and much less unpleasant and dangerous than hormonal treatments or in vitro fertilization procedures.

Foetal Malposition: In about 60 percent of women the foetus turns naturally prior to the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy; this can be increased to 90 per cent with the aid of this treatment After the thirty-fourth week, when natural version is less likely, the Chinese claim that 80 per cent of foetal malpositions will be corrected permanently by this procedure.

Anaesthesia for Labour and Delivery: Acupuncture anesthesia is widely used for caesarean sections in China. A report recently published, discusses the results of 1,000 cases managed in this manner. The Chinese Acupuncturist claim a 98 per cent success rate in the abolition of pain, a quicker recovery rate from the operation, less blood loss, and the obvious advantage of the mother being able to see the baby at, or soon after, birth. Acupuncture can also be used to provide pain relief in normal obstetric deliveries. The experience of a wide variety of acupuncturists in the western world would indicate that it is a useful and effective procedure.

Acupuncture Anaesthesia:

Acupuncture anesthesia is widely used in China and it has been used in a wide variety of operations, from minor procedures to open heart surgery or brain operations. It is undoubtedly an effective form of pain relief in the majority of people, but there is always a small percentage who fail to gain adequate analgesia from acupuncture. In general, acupuncture allows for a safer operation, with less likelihood of complications, and a swifter post-operative recovery.

Natural Remedies- Are The Best Treatment Services Ever!

Our culture knows the effect of “Natural Remedies”. These remedies are so pure that one can say, it is something that pertains to nature as it doesn’t contain any chemical additives or synthetic substances. There are many health problems which can only be relieved through natural remedies. Therefore, natural medications fall outside the world of typical medicines.

Are homeopathic medicines, natural? Of course, yes! Homeopathic medicines are produced from extreme dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances. It is an alternative way to treat the health problems and has great effective results. The production of these medicines is done in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts and fresh or dried plants. The medications for such treatments give relief by stimulating the body’s own defenses to build up healing. The use of the natural remedies is done in very small amount of dosages, as too much use of this will provoke the condition.

Homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat the patient to the treatment of diseases and conditions such as: Digestive Disorder Treatment, Treatment For Phobias, Anxiety and Depression, Migraine Treatment, Allergies and Asthma treatment Paralysis Attack Treatment, Treatment for Insomnia, Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual problems for male and females and much more.

If you are the one with any of these health issues, then you should try once with homeopathic medicines. Here are some best remedies that are commonly used for common health issues. The intake of these medicines should be in the 6th or 30th potency. If you have minor pain which can be tolerated, then you should take the medicine for three times a day. Once you get recovered, stop the medicine. If you found no improvement after 24 hours in your health condition, then probably this medicine is not the correct one for you. In this case, you should consider other medication or visit to professional homeopathic center for best care.

Alternative Medicines:

Allium Cepa (Onion): It is for the cause tearing of the eyes and dripping of the nose. Commonly used at the time of cold and fever.

Arnica (Mountain Daisy): This remedy is recommended in sports medicine and first aid. It is taken at the time of injury to reduce the pain.

Chamomilla (Chamomile): Best remedy for the irritable infant, especially for teething or colic.

Hypericum (St. John’s Wort): First medicine to consider for injuries to the nerves or to parts of the body, including the fingers, toes, and back.

Ignatia (St. Ignatius Bean): One of the leading medicine for acute grief, anxiety, and depression, especially after a death or separation from a closed and loving one.

Magnesia Phosphorica (Phosphate Of Magnesia): This medicine is used for cramps, including menstrual cramps.

Nux Vomica (Poison Nut): This is the premier medicine for treating symptoms of overeating or from drinking too much alcohol.
Rhus Tox (Poison Ivy): Common remedy for sprains and strains.

As per my personal experience, there have been only one revelation in my life to treat the health issue and that was “Homeopathy”. You should give a chance!

Physiotherapy Treatment – An Ideal Way to Cure Occupational Injuries

It is a proven fact that a healthy body regulates a healthy mind. When it comes to health, most of the people ignore it and due to this ignorance their body becomes susceptible to various health diseases. Several physical movements and pains are caused due to daily hectic schedule which can turn into injury over a period of time if not taken care of. People try to find quickest and easiest way of relieving the pain and aches, but this can further ruin their health conditions. In order to avoid such health conditions, it is always advisable to take treatment from health specialists or physiotherapists who can provide you professional health care services. Many medical conditions and body aches can be easily treated with the help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists provide medical expert advice, manual therapy and physical treatment so that movement and function of the body is restored. There are also some exercises and stretching involved in physiotherapy which can help reduce the body pain and improve the lifestyle for long. Physiotherapy treatment can also cure disabilities, certain illnesses and injuries especially occupational injuries. It also includes some treatments for the people who are suffering from any kind of trauma. Back and neck pains are the most frequent pains that a person can suffer. If you follow the exercise program designed by your physiotherapist, you will surely see the amazing benefits within few weeks.
Physiotherapy is an ideal solution for occupational illness and injuries. Those people suffer from occupational injuries who have suffered brain trauma, or a stroke. People who experience a loss of basic skills which are required to perform daily activities, they should consult with an occupational physiotherapist. In the case of occupational injuries, people often experience difficulty in the movement of the neck or jaw. Different types of the injuries have different physiotherapy treatment methods and the recovery time also varies accordingly.

Whatever the body ache or occupational injury you are suffering from, physiotherapy has solutions for all these conditions. The benefit of taking physiotherapy treatment is that you achieve positive results that have longer lasting effects. Some physiotherapists also use several machines and tools to treat occupational injuries and pains. But before taking any treatment, make sure you consult with a health specialist or physiotherapist as he will tell you which type of physiotherapy treatment will be best for you according to the type of injury you have.

Natural Treatment To Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

A huge number of people is suffering from type-2 diabetes all around the world and experiencing distressed life. Fortunately, there are effective ways to combat this particular health issue. Many people are taking the help of natural treatment to reduce diabetes risk which is a common and efficient option in present days.

Two types of diabetes are found, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The people, who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, cannot produce sufficient amount of insulin. In some cases, the body may not capable to use insulin for the insulin resistance. Consequently, glucose cannot enter the body and the sugar level in the body increases considerably and the cells of the body do not function properly. In such a terrible situation, Diabec capsules offer amazing results and it is a well-accepted treatment to reduce type 2 diabetes risks around the globe.

Symptoms of diabetes: Some symptoms are very much common in type 2 diabetes. For instance:

1. Frequent urination 2. Sudden weight loss 3. Increased thirst 4. Increased hunger 5. Frequent urination 6. Blurred vision 7. Slow healing of wounds.

However, people should be more careful when they experience these symptoms. They can consume Diabec capsules to get rid of these symptoms.

In fact, type-2 diabetes should be controlled in time; otherwise the individual may experience dehydration and diabetic coma which can damage the body of the individual. It has an effect on the functioning of kidneys, nerves of the eyes, heart and small blood vessels. In addition, people may experience heart attack or stroke due to hardening of arteries.

Causes of Diabetes: There are several causes for type 2 diabetes. Such as obesity, growing age, high blood pressure, low HDL, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. So, always be alert from these causes and if necessary, take the help of Diabec capsule as an effective natural treatment to reduce diabetes risk.

Diabec capsules: It is an efficient herbal cure to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is a blend of potent and pure natural ingredients, such as Jawadi Kasturi (Jawadi Musk), Nimb (Exadirecta Indica), Haldi (Curcuma Longa), Subhra Bhasam (Aumenium Sulphas), Gurmar (Gymnemasylvetri), Aamla (Phyllanthus Emblica), Jamun (Eugenia Jambolana).

Each and every natural herb is efficient to cure the problem of diabetes. Pancreas produces insulin in proper amount to maintain the blood sugar level. The Beta cells produce the insulin and Gurmar one of the key ingredients of Diabec capsule helps to promote the functions of pancreas.

In addition, Neem and Jamun are acknowledged as very much efficient for reducing the blood sugar level and so these herbs are used frequently as natural treatment to reduce type 2 diabetes risks. Many people take the help of this treatment to overcome their problem.

Over to You: Though diabetes is a common health crisis in the present moment, it can be controlled with proper treatment as well as remedies. So, never delay to take natural treatment to get relief from this particular health issue.